Speakeasy Top Clicks for the Week… Pool your Ideas and win an internship with ABC Radio National! This month you can mash up, tweak, or remix some Creative Commons content for fun and prizes. Know your copyrights: A new listing with AWMonline has training relevant to all writers. Queryfail, where agents tweet author queries doomed … Continue reading »

Literary agents give thumbs up to avid readers

     AWMonline has run live forums with both Australian and international agents, and they have been unanimous in advising writers to read, read, and read some more. There’s no better way to know your craft, know your genre, and know your market. The development of e-books means readers are faced with expanding choices of not only what to … Continue reading »

There be pirates, then there be…

     Vampirates! (Kudos to author Justin Somper for thinking up the coolest concept ever). But I don’t mean the sort of vampirates that roam the seas of Captain Somper’s imagination. I mean the ones that roam the world of publishing, leaving a trail of exsanguinated writers in their wake. We all know about (note … Continue reading »


     More from "!" for those of us stuck in the twitter-facebook-wordpress feedback loop. See these tips on how to make writer’s block work for you… But if, like me, you’re not willing to surrender your passport to the digital world, have you voted for your fave literary blog yet? The Weblog Awards are here … Continue reading »

Strut Your Stuff

     There’s an opportunity until the 15th of this month to submit the first chapter of your best, completed novel as part of the Query Holiday at Firebrand Literary. These are truly folks after my own heart: their idea of a good holiday is reading upwards of 200 submissions a day (presumably while sipping exotic … Continue reading »

It’s a Rich Man’s World

Money is money is money. Small royalties aside, if you are making money as an author then kudos to you, my friend. Do you want to know a good way to make more money as an author? Be a celebrity author. There has been a minor blogging furor over reports that American comedian Sarah Silverman is … Continue reading »

The Book is Dead?

Nathan Bransford has been getting some queries from people about when to tell your agent certain things, like if you had a previous agent, other offers etc and he’s been kind enough to answer them. And continuing on from yesterday’s post, if you want to hear an author’s opinion about free content and the publishing … Continue reading »

Me Write English Gud

Nathan Bransford was asking bloggers recently for the worst writing advice they’ve ever been given. Some of the best of the worst: Remove all your commas. Editors don’t like commas and they pull the reader out of the story. If it’s not coming easily, put it down. You aren’t meant to write if you have … Continue reading »

Agents and Videos

Another video of an agent – this time over at GalleyCat. The principal agent at Levine Greenbert Literary Agency is answering questions about pitching your story. Will anybody care about your story? Only if you make them.