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    Tristram Peters

    The Australian Writer’s Marketplace is very excited to announce that award-winning author Favel Parrett will be joining us for June 3’s writing race! So, if you had the chance to ask Favel a question, what would it be? Don’t hesitate to post your questions here (any at all!), and come along to the race to learn from one of Australia’s best.


    Ceridwyn Bloxham

    Hi Tristam! That’s exciting news :)

    I’d like to ask Favel about the research that she undergoes for her novels. I sometimes feel that, once I’ve gathered the information I want to use, it’s difficult to add in all that I want to, into the story, without it feeling like an ‘information dump’. I’m concerned that it might come across as “that author’s just showing off what she knows”. I know I have felt that way in some of Dan Brown’s novels! But I was wondering if Favel has some suggestions on how to include the juicy stuff without coming across as a know-it-all.

    My reason for asking is because, several years ago, I started writing a novel set in Rome in AD350, and I got so concerned with how I was getting across the information, that I gave up entirely :(

    Thanks, Tristam – and thanks for hosting the #WritingRace each week for us! I really appreciate it! :)
    — Ceridwyn


    Tristram Peters

    A great question to ask, Ceridwyn! Favel’s latest novel, When the Night Comes, is based on an Antarctic Expedition ship, the MV Nella Dan. She’s great at incorporating facts about this ship without it becoming an information dump. She’s definitely the person to ask :) Don’t give up on that novel!

    And you’re more than welcome, Ceridwyn! I love doing it.



    Ceridwyn Bloxham

    Hi @Tristam – we missed having a moderator at tonight’s Writing Race :( Also, could you pretty please set up next week’s event for us? *winning smile* #pleading


    Peter M. Ball

    That was my fault, rather than Tristram’s. I’ll go take care of it now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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