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    Lesley Ann Acton

    I was hoping you could help me. I submitted a supernatural romance novel to Nocturne and although their comments were very encouraging, they said it didn’t suit their current editorial needs. They suggested I send it to another publisher but I have no idea who else is accepting submissions in this genre. Do you have any advice. Kind regards, Lesley Ann


    Peter M. Ball

    Hi Lesley – this is really the terrain where you need to start doing some deep genre research. Hit your local bookstore (in person, or online) and start looking for the books that are similar to yours, then make note of the publishers who are handling it. Similarly, take advantage of the acknowledgement section in the books, where writers will frequently thank their agents. Hit their websites and look for the guidelines, follow them scrupulously.

    Sources like the AWM listings exist to speed up this process – publishers in our listings frequently ID the broad genres that they’re interested in – but they can’t replace this process. There are shades of difference within a genre, tastes will vary between editors, and new trends tend to emerge.

    On the Australian front, taking a look at the regular open calls on the Writing Queensland site can give you a starting point. If you’re writing genre works that are not particularly tied to an Australian setting, then looking at overseas publishers is also advised.

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