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    Peter M. Ball

    We’re talking writing goals over on the Speakeasy blog today, and I want to hear from AWM users: what are your writing goals for 2015? More importantly, how can AWM help you succeed in them? Research has shown that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them, so list ’em here.

    Personally, my 2015 goals are:
    – continue my streak of writing every day (I’m currently 129 days in, using The Seinfeld Method to keep track).
    – finish and submit four novellas to the publishers I’ve got short-listed and waiting
    – write and submit 20 short stories
    – attend at least one AWM writing race a month between February and November
    – and make all my previously-published short fiction available via ebook/website before the end of the year.

    How about you?


    Meg Vann

    It’s exciting to actually write these goals down! I’ll be finishing the current wip, then expanding an unpublished novella into a novel. Then I’ll be doing a fair bit of editing and polishing on those projects, as well as some older ones.

    I’ll also be developing submission plans for my unpublished material that I think is a good fit for trad publishing, plus developing a self-pub plan for other manuscripts I have up my sleeve.

    I have a lot to learn about self-pubbing, but I hope I can research and network and learn as I go.

    I’m looking forward to hearing everyone’s plans, and being part of this supportive self-learning community!


    Robert Hamilton

    15 years ago, I started writing a science fiction story. It was just a hobby, never thought anything would ever come of it, certainly not 91,500 words! During this time I must have read and re-read it, and edited it over 50 times! I have added new scenes and new chapters, deleted some as well and I don’t know where to stop sometimes.

    Last week, I took the plunge, and submitted to a professional editor, as my goal for this year is to have this story in print.


    Meg Vann

    That’s so exciting, Robert – congratulations at reaching that stage! I look forward to hearing about your journey towards publication throughout the year.


    Sally Presnell

    I’m a couple of weeks late, but I hope I can still add to this!

    My major goal for 2015 is to actually sit & write! I have always been very haphazard with my writing and I am hoping by the end of the year to have at least developed a routine & got myself into the habit of writing daily. Of course, I would love to actually get something finished, but if I can sort out my routine first, I will at least be in a position to get stuck in for the long-term!

    All the wonderful advice & resources on here are great and will be very helpful, but I am mainly hoping that being a member of AWM will help me to stay motivated & focused!


    Hi all…I am currently working on a few ideas, but the main focus is to get the first draft of my novel proofread and then into the hands of my beta readers by the end of this year. I am hoping it will be earlier but as I also have a full-time job it is difficult to find chunks of time in which to write! I would love to be able to afford to have one year off to just write and see if I have a little glimmer of ‘making it’ in the writing world.

    I am also trying to get my proofreading/copyediting business off the ground (I finished my degree last year and thought I’d better do something with it! :) Between writing a blog for the ‘biz’, working, housekeeping and writing, I think I may be spreading myself rather thin. Upon further thought, yes I am. I also paint.


    Peter M. Ball

    I ended up breaking my writing streak at 171 days -the combination of a family holiday and some travel complications caused by Cyclone Marcia did me in. So I’ve just kicked off day 1 of my new streak, with the goal of getting to 172 days before there’s another disruption.

    I am hoping it will be earlier but as I also have a full-time job it is difficult to find chunks of time in which to write! I would love to be able to afford to have one year off to just write and see if I have a little glimmer of ‘making it’ in the writing world.

    Good luck with the novel! How big are the chunks of time you’re looking for? One of the things I noticed, while trying to maintain the streak, was that I got a lot more done on the days when I only had fifteen or twenty minutes to spare than I thought I would. It might only be one or two hundred words, but it added up real quickly.


    Hi Peter – Yes, Cyclone Marcia did a lot of people in! Fortunately I’m in an area of Brisbane that doesn’t easily flood.

    I am trying to get bits of time by getting into the office early and hopping on my MacBook (very early model, but pristine!). As I work in an office and start at 8:00 I can get a bit done by arriving at 7:00. The problem is that it is easy to become distracted as my co-workers arrive. You are right, though – it all adds up!

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