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    Jo Hartley

    Hi all

    Just thought I would introduce myself and say hi as just joined this group, though it doesnt look like there has been much activity in here lately :(

    I am a Freelance Writer and just wondered if anyone would be willing to share their stories re pitching successes and failures…something we can all learn from.



    Frank Smith

    Pitching can be very frustrating when you first start. Having a track record of publishing in other magazines helps but otherwise just keep on trying out your story ideas


    Carolyn Juricskay

    I submitted to many places with no success, then paid for a good manuscript assessment. I nearly cried when I realised how much work it needed, then had a glass of red, slept really well, and by the next morning I was itching to fix everything. The book was picked up by the next publisher I tried. Well worth spending the money – I learnt so much!


    Chantal Writes

    This thread is quite old, but in the hopes you are still online here just wondering which manuscript assessment service you used? And an a rough idea of cost?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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