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    Peter M. Ball

    We just had a new member email and ask a common question here at AWM: “I’m just wondering where I should start on the site to get the most value out of my membership. Did I understand there to be a directory of all of the magazines and editor contact information?”

    This is a pretty common question we get asked here at AWM, so with permission I’ve moved both the question and our answer over ere to the forums. The two best places to start are the Writing Advice archive and the Listing Database.

    The Subscribers Only Advice Archive largely deals with the “how” sides of things – if you can’t find anything relevant to what you’re trying to do there, head to the Forums and let us know. We’ll be commissioning new articles throughout the year, and we do a weekly sweep of the forums to answer any questions that come up (with your permission, I’d like to repost your initial question and this answer there, as other people may weigh in with alternatives).

    Similarly, the subscriber’s only Listings Database is the where part of the equation. Once you’ve decided what you’d like to do and how you’d like to achieve it, the directory contains the contact information and other details about various magazines, publishers, competitions, and other opportunities for writers. It’s broken down by type, and the listings are occasionally tagged with additional information about the genres they prefer. You can also search the site for key words – “writing” or “books” are going to bring up pretty much everything, but narrower searches will bring up every opportunity that mentions that key word.

    Thirdly – and this is an underutilised tool by both subscribers and occasional users – feel free to use AWM as an information resource, particularly here on the forums. The AWM team is surrounded by a wealth of writing experience and knowledge – if we don’t have an answer to a particular question about writing and publishing, we can usually track down someone who does to get an answer – and we’re always happy to help people along their publishing journey with resources and information.

    Also, on a purely personal level, I really recommend the Wednesday Night AWM Writing Races over on Facebook. Having a core hub of people who gather together to write and encourage one-another every week really makes it easier to schedule the other writing sessions.

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    Nicole Merzliakov

    As a newcomer to AWM I appreciate you posting this!


    Peter M. Ball

    No problem. We used to have a lot of this sort of advice in the forums, but ever since we transferred to the new site in 2013, the bulk of the questions about AWM and publishing have come through via email. We’re making a concerted effort to redirect people here, especially since there are other AWM users who will occasionally offer useful advice we’ve completely missed :)


    Ceridwyn Bloxham

    I agree with Nicole. Thanks! And yes, I’ve done the last few Writing races and am completely sold on the idea. Thank you AWMonline for hosting them every week – they are brilliant!


    Sandra Seth

    I am a new member and bamboozled. I noticed one of the articles in the ‘writing advice ‘ section begins ‘IF YOU’VE paged through the latest edition of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace: Freelance Opportunities,’ Is this unavailable on the website? if so, I cant find it. I am trying to find literary journals/magazines but looking through 750 magazines with seven to a page is proving, well, pretty pointless. A search forl’Literary journals’ comes up ‘nothing found’ Surely there is an easier way to search for fiction and poetry magazines?



    Thank you for posting! Wish AWM had a ‘like’ button.

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