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    Sarah Hill

    Hi all!,

    My name is Sarah Hill, i recently turned 30 and decided that its about time in actually did what I’ve always said i was going to do, write a novel!
    My have always had a very active imagination and have normally got a story or three floating around in there just dying to come out.

    although i have occasionally started writing things down I’ve never stuck with it and finished one (normally because my imagination has moved on to something new and more interesting). Mostly they fall into the Romance or young adult categories.

    So challenge accepted! 2017 will be the year! somehow between my work as an exploration geologist and weekend job training and showing dogs (one pays me money they other just costs me money) i’m going to fit in writing one of my stories down!!!

    Step one: pick a story……

    this is going to be tricky!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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