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    Sandra Mayberry



    Beverley Cull


    I couldn’t get into the course but I only paid for it this week. I wonder if it is because the staff are away on holidays. They get back this Monday 9th of January. I called the Qld office, and got a voicemail. I rang when I didn’t get a reply.
    Are you saying you can’t access the course, or the forum doesn’t work? I didn’t even know there was a forum for the course.




    Sandra Mayberry

    Hi Bev,

    I also only paid for the online taster course yesterday and was trying to access the forum to post my Activity one sentences. I did manage to find my way around the site to post them.

    I’ll just check the method I used and post it here in a moment.



    Sandra Mayberry

    Hi again Bev,

    To purchase your course, you should have gone from the QWC website to the AWM (Australian Writer’s Marketplace) page. You should have made a profile with a username and password. Each time you go into the AWM page, you will need to click on the red triangle at the top of the page and login.

    Then click on LEARN ONLINE at top right of page – click on your course.

    This is Taster Course Information – Below Two Week Mini Writing Course – click the tab HOW TO USE THE OLC – has explanations & video

    You should find ALREADY ENROLLED? – click the blue ACCESS NOW tab and start reading

    There is an audio to listen to and tabs to access the notes for each module.

    Once you read through the notes, you will find Activity 1 – Generating Ideas writing exercise within the Topic 3 section.

    You are required to post the resultant sentences up on the Activity 1 Share your sentences Forum.

    You will find this by scrolling to the top of the page – click on Community – click on Forums in the drop-down menu

    Scroll down to PRIVATE: ONLINE LEARNING CENTRE – Along the top line of the red print, click on Private: Taster Course

    Click on the appropriate module – then click on the latest page in Activity 1 – it is currently no.7

    Hope that helps

    If there’s a simpler way, I’m not sure of it yet



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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