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    Sarah Gillard

    Good afternoon!

    I have been spending time on your website for a while now to get information so I don’t have to ask but I think I have confused myself more and so now I feel I need to ask for your advice. My husband spent 16 years in the NSW police force as a detective and left 4 years ago with PTSD and Depression. He ran many high profile cases and has many many events to write about that happened to him whilst in the police. For the past 4 years we have been fighting Metlife, First State Super and Employers Mutual (insurance companies) to get Simons TPD claim agreed. That fight continues and has led to more stories of bad treatment, survellience etc. As you can see he has much to write about and many many interesting stories. But he is no writer. And clearly neither am I. What do we do? I see we can go direct to a publisher with a few chapters that we would have to write. We could find a ghost writer and hope that investment pays off. So my question is (I’m getting there I promise) what does the novice person with interesting stories to tell do if they don’t know how to write? Thank you!!


    Peter M. Ball

    Hi Sarah,

    Good question. The bulk of AWM resources are largely aimed at folks who have already finished there work, although we offer a handful of introductory topics over on the online learning centre. The best bet, if you’re starting out, would be contacting your State Writers Centre (for NSW what would be here). They’re non-profit orgainsations that exist to advise and educate writers, and they’ll frequently run introductory courses designed to ease you into a writing practice.

    The Queensland Writers Centre also offers a range of free guides for those just starting out, with advice for building up a regular writing practice and defining your long-term goals.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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