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    Peter M. Ball

    Now that we’re hitting the tail end of the current AWM development cycle, it’s time to start looking towards the future. We’ve already got some ideas and tricks up our sleeve, but with a community of several hundred active subscribers and users, we wanted to give you all a chance to weigh in. What would you like to see in a future iteration of the Australian Writer’s Marketplace website? How can we make the site more useful and effective for you?


    Karen Spehr

    I am a new user of the website & I would definitely like to see better search functions for the (extremely useful) directory. An example … I am amazed at how few magazines pay for submissions (see, I am a real newbie). I would like to be able to limit my search to those who do. Or is this already possible & I haven’t figured it out? Also the website is quite slow. Thanks for the opportunity to provide feedback.


    Paulette Smythe

    One of the problems I find with the directory on AWM is that many entries are out of date. This is particularly true of competitions listed. It takes a long time to trawl through the listings and, when at last you strike something relevant, entries have closed months ago or even in the previous year.

    Another issue for me concerns submissions to newspapers. For example, I’d like to submit some poetry to The Age newspaper in Melbourne but the email address given in your listings is for the newsdesk. It’s unclear to me whether this is the correct email address for submissions of all types to The Age or if there are specific addresses for articles, poetry, comments, etc. It can be very tedious waiting for a response to a submission and knowing that it’s landed on the right desk would certainly alleviate some of the anxiety.

    That said, I really like AWM and have been able to source lots of useful material for my writing which would otherwise have been difficult to locate.


    Peter M. Ball

    Thanks for the feedback Karen and Paulette.

    We’ll be starting the whole-of-database update early in 2014; this is two-month-long process where we gather a team of volunteers and double-check the details of every listing in the database, plus search out new listings that haven’t been included. Competitions are first cab off the rank for that, and as part of the update I’ll be setting up competition cheat-sheet that lists breaks down all the competition listings by month to make it easier for people to plan out their years. In the mean time, if you spot a listing that’s out of date, let us know and I’ll chase down the correct details asap.

    Doing a search for paying markets only isn’t currently possible, but it’s on the list for the next round of updates when I meet with the developers next week. Once we’ve got the development cycle underway, I’ll do my best to keep everyone informed about what’s coming.


    Jennifer Lozev

    Hi Peter

    There doesn’t seem to be much activity or updates regarding this feedback.

    As a new ‘re-subscriber’ I’m a little disappointed at what seems to be a site with not much happening.

    In regards to the Search function – I also find it very difficult to find entries.

    I would like to see a calendar of events / competitions – I seem to recall that the old AWM had that functionality (I may be thinking of something else, but I don’t think so).



    Peter M. Ball

    Thanks Jenny. A lot of the work on the site for the last six months or so has been somewhat invisible from the user end – there’s been a lot of focus on the data and updates, getting rid of old or out-of-date links, and adding in new information. This has happened in concert with the print book production cycle, and as we finalise the print edition there will be a flow-through of new data onto the site (including a month-by-month breakdown of competitions and events, plus a new round of writing advice essays). I’m also hoping to have improved search features installed by the end of the year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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