Calling for Program Volunteers

Get Involved in This Year’s Conference We need your involvement. While GenreCon bring in a bunch of awesome guests, the conference is only possible thanks to the team of attending writers, editors, and agents who volunteer their expertise over the course of the weekend, delivering workshops and discussion panels on a range of writing and publishing topics. … Continue reading »

Opportunity: The Big Issue Fiction 2015 Issue

At a Glance Wants: Short Fiction (300 words – 2,500 words) Genre/Theme: Any Pay Rate: Unknown Deadline: 1 June, 2015 Go Directly to the Writer’s Guidelines In Detail The Big Issue invites all writers – of whatever age, whether established, emerging, or just keen to have a crack – to submit previously unpublished short stories from 300 to 2,5000 words for the 2015 Fiction … Continue reading »

Writing Race Recap: PM NEWTON

At last week’s writing race, we were joined by one of my favourite authors, PM Newton. As an undoubted fan of the crime-fiction genre, I relished the opportunity to hear PM Newton’s advice on the art of writing, as well as the story behind her award-winning novels, The Old School and Beams Falling. She didn’t … Continue reading »