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The Australian Writer's Marketplace is your guide to the writing and publishing industry in Australia and beyond. With over two thousand active listings in the our directory, we provide you with every contact you will ever need to succeed in the writing business.
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Welcome to AWMonline, the online version of The Australian Writer’s Marketplace – every contact you will ever need to succeed in the writing business.

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“Knowledge is power. The Australian Writer's Marketplace will
help you make confident, informed decisions about what to do
with your labours of love.”

Best-Selling and Award-Winning author
The Year of Ancient Ghosts & Lighthouse Bay

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AWM Online Learning Centre is dedicated to increasing your skills via online courses on the art and business of writing, helping you achieve your creative and professional goals no matter your location.

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GenreCon: A three-day conference for writers and writing professionals, regardless of where their books are found in the local bookshop. Runs 11-13 October, 2013, at the State Library of Queensland, Brisbane Don't miss out - Register your spot now!

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  • Get Published

    The Australian Writer's Marketplace listings directory features over 2,000 opportunities for writers, with submission and contact details for Magazines, Newspapers, Publishers, Literary Agents, Industry Organisations, and Literary Awards

  • Improve Your Writing

    Whether it's through our directory of upcoming writing courses, our public list of services offering manuscript appraisals, or our own Online Learning Centre, the AWM is your go-to resource for improving your writing and getting publishing.

  • Get Informed

    Learn the basics of writing and publishing with our Writer's FAQ and Article Series, and keep up to date with the latest industry developments through the AWM Speakeasy blog.

  • Meet Other Writers

    Sometimes the hardest thing about being a writer is finding other writers. If you're looking for a community, we've got a comprehensive list of writing groups and organisations in our listing directory. If there's no group close to you, we've also got the AWM Forums and weekly Writing Races where writers gather online and share their work.


Why was there was nothing like this around during the decade when I slogged away at the writing, but didn’t know who to call? If i was starting out now, it’s the first thing I’d buy.

Nick Earls best-selling author(48 Shades of Brown, Zig Zag Street, Monica Bloom)

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